I answer a few questions from Pier about mining Ethereum.

The questions:-

1- how much the version (2gb;4gb;5gb….) and the DDR type makes the difference on your final Mh/S?

2- im not sure if i understood right, that the cpu dosnt make a lot of difference, just need a decent one (30£?)

3- if my station can mining at 30 mh/s today, i assume i can earn around 65 dollars for a month, without counting the eletricy cost. 6 months later my station will works and mines in the same way, giveing me the same amount of money for a month?

4- my network, my connection in term of download and upload might make the difference?

Claymore’s dual miner is fixed and updated to work with windows 10 and Nvidia graphics cards.

Use Nvidia driver version 347.88 with Windows 10 then copy files from cuda 6.5 folder to main folder and start miner.

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