Micro Miner

Introducing the Micro Miner, the World’s smallest multi currency crypto coin miner.

Hey, It’s Lee here from IMineBlocks, you’ve likely seen my crypto mining tutorials on Youtube. I want to thank you for supporting me with this project.

Project Zero started out as a simple idea to build a very cheap crypto miner that anyone could use and without having expensive hardware, special tools or running up a huge electric bill.

The Micro Miner is a great little miner for people looking to get started mining crypto. You’ll also learn a little Linux too (Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through everything).


Extremely Low Power Usage
Powered by any USB Port
Wifi or Optional Ethernet
Super Easy Setup
Silent Operation

Hardware Specs

512MB Ram
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Micro HDMI
Micro USB – For connecting accessories
Micro USB – For powering the device, it can be powered by any usb port.
GPIO Header

Software Pre-installed and ready to mine

Micro Miner OS – Now available to order.
Verium Miner
CPU Miner Multi
M7M Miner
More miners coming soon…

Benchmarks & Supported Coins

Power draw at 100% CPU usage is 1.5 Watts

Verium 23.3 H/m
Magicoin (M7M) 0.72 Kh/s

Take note some algos are gpu/asic mineable.

scrypt (Litecoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, …) 0.50 kH/s
scrypt-jane:N 2225 H/s
sha256d (Bitcoin, Freicoin, Peercoin/PPCoin, Terracoin, …) 291.44 kH/s
allium (Garlicoin, Tuxcoin) 0.75kH/s
axiom (Axiom Shabal-256 based MemoHash) 1.2H/s
bitcore Permuted serie of 10 algos (BitCore) 0.48 kH/s
blake (Saffron [SFR] Blake-256) 186.59 kH/s
blake2s (NevaCoin Blake2-S 256) 194.66 kH/s
blake2b (Not SIA one) 88.08 kH/s
bmw (Midnight [MDT] BMW-256) 156.33 kH/s
cryptonight (Bytecoin [BCN], Monero [XMR]) 1.26 H/s
cryptonight-light (Aeon) 2.975 H/s
decred (Blake256-14 [DCR]) 158.75 kH/s
dmd-gr (Diamond-Groestl) 0.96 kH/s
fresh (FreshCoin) 1.92 kH/s
geek (GeekCash [GEEK]) 0.49 kH/s (very slow start)
groestl (Groestlcoin) 0.98 kH/s
keccakc (Keccack) 9.39 kH/s
lbry (LBRY Credits [LBC]) – 16.57 kH/s
lyra2RE (Cryptocoin) 1.08 kH/s
lyra2REv2 1.37 kH/s
lyra2REv3 (VertCoin [VTC]) 2.32 kH/s
myr-gr Myriad-Groestl (MyriadCoin [MYR]) 1.63 kH/s
neoscrypt (Feathercoin) 0.25 kH/s
pentablake (Joincoin) 11.27 kH/s
pluck (Supcoin [SUP]) 0.03 kH/s
skein (Skeincoin, Myriadcoin, Xedoscoin, …) 8.72 kH/s
skein2 (Woodcoin) 6.52 kH/s
sia (Reversed Blake2B for SIA [SC]) 88.19 kH/s
sib X11 + gost streebog (SibCoin) 0.43 kH/s (very slow start)
timetravel Permuted serie of 8 algos (MachineCoin [MAC]) 0.61 kH/s
tribus 3 of the top NIST5 algos (Denarius [DNR]) 2.31 kH/s
vanilla (Blake-256 8-rounds – double sha256 [VNL]) 327.51 kH/s
veltor (Veltor [VLT]) 2.25 kH/s
xevan x17 x 2 on bigger header (BitSend [BSD]) 0.13 kH/s (very slow start)
x11evo (Revolver [XRE]) 0.46 kH/s
x11 (Darkcoin [DRK], Hirocoin, Limecoin, …) 0.46 kH/s
x12 (GalaxyCash [GCH]) 0.39 kH/s
x13 (Sherlockcoin, [ACE], [B2B], [GRC], [XHC], …) 0.37 kH/s (very slow start)
x14 (X14, Webcoin [WEB]) 0.37 kH/s (very slow start)
x15 (RadianceCoin [RCE]) 0.35 kH/s
x16r (Formerly Ravencoin [RVN]) 0.60 kH/s
x16s (Pigeoncoin [PGN]) 0.33 kH/s
x17 (Verge [XVG]) 0.34 kH/s
x20r 0.53 kH/s
yescrypt (GlobalBoostY [BSTY], Unitus [UIS], MyriadCoin [MYR]) 0.01 kH/s
zr5 (Ziftrcoin [ZRC]) 0.40 kH/s


Ordering Details

Micro Miner & Starter Kit

Micro Miner offered as complete starter kit including all the essentials required for the device plus a few extras.

Micro Miner & Starter Kit Includes:-

Micro Miner
32GB Micro SD Card Pre-loaded with OS & Mining Software
Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter
Micro USB to USB adapter
Micro USB Power Cable 30cm
Slim Acrylic Case Blue
CPU Heatsink
Getting Started Guide

GBP £54.99 / USD $56.93
Worldwide Shipping £4.99 / $6.55

!! No Stock For Immediate Shipping.
Removed from sale due to a global shortage pi zero hardware.



Micro Miner OS Image

Digital Download of Micro SD Card Image
Pre-loaded with OS & Mining Software
Getting Started Guide Text
Getting Started Guide Video
License GNU GPLv2

GBP £9.99

Click Here to Order Securely


Please note:- No hardware is included, this purchase is for a digital download only. The OS image needs to be flashed onto a 8GB (or bigger) Micro SD card.