In the quest for sustainability, businesses across the UK are turning their gazes towards the sky, harnessing the power of sunlight to fuel their operations. Transitioning to solar power is not merely an eco-conscious decision, but a smart operational move that reflects positively on a brand’s image and customer loyalty. When a business goes solar, it’s making a statement of corporate responsibility that resounds well with its stakeholders​1​.

Solar panels are becoming a common sight, gracing the rooftops of residential and commercial buildings alike. The journey to solar transition, however, involves several steps, from understanding the installation process to navigating the regulatory maze. provides a well-rounded guide on what the solar installation process looks like for UK businesses, shedding light on the various stages involved and what to expect along the way​2​.

But the benefits of going solar extend beyond the immediate operational savings. It opens doors to potential partnerships with other eco-conscious companies, and could even make your business eligible for various environmental certifications and awards. These accolades serve as a testament to your commitment towards a greener planet and can significantly enhance your brand value in the market​3​.

Of course, like any other system, solar panels are not without their share of challenges. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and inverter checks, are essential to ensure the smooth operation of your solar panel system. offers a troubleshooting guide to help businesses address common issues and ensure their solar system remains a reliable power source​4​.

Moreover, the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding solar panel installation requires careful navigation. From obtaining the necessary permissions to understanding the compliances, there’s a labyrinth of legalities to traverse. BitBlaze offers a comprehensive guide on the regulatory and legal aspects of solar panel installation to ensure your transition to solar energy is smooth and compliant with UK laws​5​.

Venturing into solar energy is a commendable step towards operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. Visit to explore a reservoir of information that can guide your business on the path to solar transition, making the journey enlightening and rewarding.

Taking a look at the Polaris RX400 series of AMD gpu’s and seeing how they compare when mining Ethereum.

The performance, efficiency and cost of each graphics card is considered for mining Ethereum.

Hardware in this video

Sapphire Nitro RX 460 4GB

Sapphire Nitro RX 470 8GB

XFX Black Edition RX 480 8GB

Sharing all the details about this miner including power usage, clocks speeds drivers and the miner software I’m using.

50 Mh/s 500w stock clocks 1030 / 1400
55 Mh/s 550w Overclocked 1150 / 1500

Miner Download Link

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