Burstcoin Optimized Plots 5TB USB3 Externals Toshiba Vs Seagate

In this video I revisit a previous video where I compared the performance between Regular versus Optimized plots but the testing was done on two different drives a Toshiba & Seagate. In this video I’ll be testing a Optimized plot on the Toshiba drive and seeing how it compares to the previous tests.

Plot Optimizer Download Link

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2 years 2 months ago

I want to know, the specification of the computer you are using is like what? Because I already use USB 3 but the speed is only 36mb / s

2 years 1 month ago

nice video, just wondering do we need high speed internet connection for mining? or high speed internet connection need just for plotting? is it still profitable to start burst coin mining?

2 years 26 days ago

have you been noticing any strange behavior with wallets the last month or so. trying to sync the block chains hangs around 85 percent and none of the web wallets seem to work. just courious