Testing SGMiner 5.4.0 performance using 2 x MSi R7 370 4GB AMD GPU’s

I recently did a post on using the Marlin miner at the pool and in this post I wanted to do a comparison using another pool and different mining software.

SGMiner has been extensively tested and developed and is one of the most popular miners due to it’s performance and also the wide range of algorithms it supports. This miner can be used by Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Today we’re using a custom version which is best suited for use mining Siacoin and it can be downloaded using the link below.

Download Link – SGMiner 5.4.0 Siacoin GPU Miner

I tested the miner at the Suprnova pool and had my batch file configuration set like this

sgminer -k sia -o stratum+tcp:// -u riskyfire.worker1 -p x -I 25

Using the 2 X R7 370’s installed in this machine and using their default clocks speeds of core 1030 memory 1400 I was able to get a average hash rate of 870 Mh/s around 435 Mh/s for each GPU.


When testing the cards with a overclocked core speed of 1150 mhz memory 1500 mhz the performance was improved by about 10% and increased the average hash rate to 978 Mh/s


I did test the effect of changing the miner intensity but it didn’t seem to yield any obvious performance gains during this brief test.

I also tested this miner on another GPU a Gigabyte R9 280x using factory clocks speeds of core 1100 mem 1500 and it hashed at 910 Mh/s for comparison.

Overall this miner and pool combination performed very well and with no advantage or disadvantage in comparison to using the Marlin miner on the pool. A longer duration test or wider range of tested hardware might provide a better indication of the best combination but I think the time would be better spent on optimizing drivers, clock speed and voltage use to get the best overall performance and efficiency from mining Siacoin.



Claymore has updated the Dual Eth miner so it now supports Eth + Decred or Eth + Siacoin mining.

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum+Decred_Siacoin v5.3

This miner only supports AMD Graphics Cards.

I’ve already covered dual Ethererum + Decred mining in this video so I won’t go over that again here, I’ll just be focusing on Dual Ethereum and Siacoin mining using the updated miner.

Dual mining is great because it allows you to mine multiple coins at the same time without performance loss or using more electricity in most cases. You’re getting more bang for your buck and the miner should be more profitable overall.

The miner has lots of advanced features for multiple mining options, power control, temperature control but I’m keeping this simple so if you want the extra feature please see the readme included with the miner.

Setting up Dual Ethereum & Siacoin Mining.

Once you have download and extracted the miner, inside the folder you’ll see some start.bat files and these files are used to start the miner with your configurations setting such as your wallet address and which pool you want to connect to.

Here’s the folder with the Start-Eth-Sia.bat opened


Here’s the text inside the Start-Eth-Sia.bat

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x5161fd49e847f67455f1c8bb7abb36e985260d03.worker1 -epsw x -dpool “″ -dcoin sc

The first part is for mining ethereum using the pool and my address and my worker (nickname)

-epool (the pool I’m using)

-ewal 0x5161fd49e847f67455f1c8bb7abb36e985260d03.worker1 (my eth address and nickname)

-epsw x (password)

The second part is for mining Siacoin at the pool (this time is all the details are integrated into one line)

-dpool “″

-dcoin sc (sets the miner to Siacoin)

Quick Miner Setup

For the quickest setup you only need to swap the green text (my addresses) for your own Ethereum address and your Siacoin address and then save the file as a .bat (ensure its not saved as .bat.txt)

My Results

I’ve tested this miner on my 2 X MSi R7 370 4GB Rig (Overclocked Core 1150 Mem 1500) and these are my results

Eth + Sia

Ethereum 25 Mh/s

Siacoin 372 Mh/s

Eth + Decred

Ethereum 26.9 Mh/s

Decred 404 Mh/s

Eth Only

Ethereum 28.25 Mh/s



Instruction guide for mining Siacoins using your AMD or Nvidia Graphics Card (GPU Mining).

Step1. Get a Siacoin address (guide on wallet/address creation) or alternative you can use an exchange address to receive your siacoin rewards from the pool.

Step2. Download the Marlin Siacoin Miner which is currently the best and most compatible miner for GPU mining.

Step3. Unzip the miner files to a folder on your computer.

Step4. Edit the Start.bat file with notepad and update it with your details. There’s only two parts that need to be changed

SET address=002d16d5194043c76beb5cc7d2d9f04c9657ce38ee692c25471302974c3c4e42040328d0c555

Change this to your own address

SET worker=workerx

Change this to a nickname of your choice


Here’s what our Start.bat file contains

:: Batch file sample for Marlin
:: Written by Xurious for
:: Sia Address: 00091d9619f1e697ddf80e751b68baffc444e7b59eeb54e131f136711d84aebf3bc6e0b820af
:: Updated 2016-08-04
:: Your Payout Address.
SET address=002d16d5194043c76beb5cc7d2d9f04c9657ce38ee692c25471302974c3c4e42040328d0c555
:: Worker Name.
SET worker=workerx
:: Intensity. 21 is great for normal desktop usage. 28 is typical for mining.
SET intensity=21
marlin.exe -u %address%.%worker%” -I %intensity%

Save the file. Ensure it saves as .bat and not .bat.txt

Step5. Double click on the Start.bat icon to start the Siacoin Miner.

Here’s my results from two MSi R7 370 4GB = 939 MH/s


Step6. Check your stats on the pool by visiting the website and entering your Siacoin address.

I hope you found this guide to be helpful in your mining efforts. Any questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll respond as soon as I can.
Siacoin donations are appreciated or if you prefer you can share some of your mining time by running the Start.bat with my Siacoin address: 002d16d5194043c76beb5cc7d2d9f04c9657ce38ee692c25471302974c3c4e42040328d0c555